We have a passion for technology, solving problems and creating things.

Our goal is to be our clients’ partner in tech growth & venture through integrity, intelligence, and leading-edge software.

About Us

Seed Development, founded in 2014, is a New York-based software consultancy. We specialize in building cross-platform mobile applications and web properties, but we’re flexible and can work with you on a wide range of technologies.

We’re a bunch of highly motivated, versatile technologists who can manage all aspects of your project, increasing efficiency and productivity. Our structure allows us to take on full projects or become part of your team to help you scale. We’ve worked with agencies, large enterprise organizations, and small startups.

We think technology is cool and are constantly testing out the newest software. We like to use the best and most leading-edge technologies for our clients – especially those that are proven in the market but are also leading the pack in ingenuity, ease of use, and provide the biggest value-adds.


Matt Pavelko

Matt Pavelko

CEO & Co-Founder

Matt Pavelko is CEO and Co-Founder of Seed Development.  With over 10 years of experience in software consulting, Matt has held various roles from developer to development manager to sales account manager. His experience spans implementing governments projects for the Army, Navy and FEMA to inventing an original product and going through the patent process, to managing multi-million dollar global accounts for Fortune 500 clients such as MetLife, Credit Suisse, Charles Schwab, JP Morgan Chase, and Microsoft.

Matt’s technical background coupled with his business aptitude and client service mindset, allows him to take ideas from conception to completion. Matt and Noah started Seed because they wanted to see projects through the whole process from selling in an idea, to seamless execution, to successful delivery.  That’s why Seed’s engineers are not only the best at what they do technically, but are also expert communicators and skilled problem-solvers.  Seed is designed to either complete your project start to finish efficiently or help companies scale when necessary. Matt graduated from Penn State with with a BS in Computer Science.

Noah Santorello

Noah Santorello

CTO & Co-Founder

Noah Santorello is CTO and Co-Founder of Seed Development, responsible for the progression of the company’s technological direction and determining which platforms to leverage in order to solve pervasive business issues for Seed and its clients.  He is a seasoned technologist with nearly 8 years of programming and R&D experience.   Noah’s development experience ranges from creating some of the very first games on the original Android devices to overhauling an award-winning Forex trading system for one of the world’s largest investment banks. During his time working as an R&D Engineer, he spent a considerable amount of time working with Z-wave, one of the foremost technologies powering The Internet of Things. Most recently Noah worked as a Technology Strategist partnering with clients such as Samsung, BAE, Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and Guardian Life Insurance on large enterprise applications to determine the best technical architecture, roadmap, team structure, delivery model, and product release schedule.

 In his spare time Noah has participated in and acted as a mentor for StartupBus, a Global startup competition featuring top talent who compete to build the next generation of technology companies. He has also spent time teaching computer science classes at Ramapo College.  Noah has BS in Computer Science from Cornell University.


What We Do


Cross-Platform Mobile Applications

We love building robust, feature-rich, mobile applications.  Our approach ensures you have native iOS and Android applications in the marketplace – with only one code base to maintain.

Web and Desktop Software

In a browser or running on a PC or Mac – we’ve built all types of software ranging from trading desktop systems for investment banks to web applications, to motion tracking and image processing software – there really isn’t anything we haven’t done or couldn’t figure out quickly.

Cloud-Based Backend Solutions

Cloud saves a lot of time, and since we like to leverage leading-edge tools wherever we can, this is our approach. In the end this saves our clients time and money during development and after delivery.

Mapping and GIS

Everyone carrying a phone is carrying a portable GPS receiver in their pocket.  So enabling spacial data in applications just makes sense in order to give users a customized experience and learn about them.  Whether it’s directions to the nearest store location, complex spatial analysis and reporting, and everything in between – we have it covered.

Content Management

Being able to easily view, edit, and visualize data is something we build into all our applications.  It’s your data and you should be in control of what you publish, and when – without delay.  If you don’t have the resources to manage it we’re of course happy to help.

Actionable Analytic Reporting

Knowing who is using your software, and how they’re using it is vital to your success,  that’s why we include free analytic reporting with every solution we develop.  We’ll work with you in the beginning to define KPIs, and track them for you at launch and for 8 weeks post launch free of charge.

 Technology & Tools

These aren’t all the tools we use, but they are some of our current favorites!


How We Work

We deliver comprehensive solutions to best meet our clients’ needs.


Teams are custom built based on project needs, no project is too big or small… and we like a good challenge.


Dedicated project lead available around the clock to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget… no nasty surprises.


We know communication is key and will provide proactive updates, with analysis and transparency.

Our Process

Every project is a little different, but from startups to the enterprise, our formula helps our clients succeed.

After an initial release, we begin an iterative release cycle – deciding which features come next based on a roadmap and analytics findings.  If there’s any bugs, they get cleaned up too.

For more information...

We’d love to hear from you!  If you’d like to work with us, partner with us, send us an RFP, just say hi or want to hear more contact us at:


Email: matt@seeddevs.com

Phone: +1(201) 220-8824